If your device has Android auto you cannot install this app, however you can use as standalone app in your smartphone. We are working to mirror on devices with Android Auto
You can become premium user and remove the ads. Please go to settings (gear icon) then in the TAB Premium, select "Get premium"
You can install this app only if your head unit/tablet Operating System is Android.
You need go to settings (Gear icon) and then in TAB widgets, there is an option that shows speedometer, you can click and change to use music player controls
You might have "speaker on call" setting enabled. Please go to settings (gear icon) , then on general TAB search for "Speaker on call", try enable and disable again.
You can select the built in themes on the app, We are working to deliver custom themes.
Yes,you can use custom icons* for the apps, you need be a Premium user. Please go to settings (gear icon) and select the "screen and display" TAB , then select icon pack and select the Icon pack installed on your device. *The icon packs must be installed on your device, you can use any icon pack from any famous launcher, like nova,apex, action and so on.
Yes, you can set as launcher this app and return to the main screen of the app when you press the home button. (you need be premium user) Please go to settings (gear icon) and select the "Premium " TAB, then select the "home button to return to the app"
The problem is for security reasons android don't allow to other apps act as a default launcher without user permission, then when you have more than 2 launchers (in case of some Samsung devices or you have another launcher app) android does not know which app should be the "main" launcher after car dashdroid closes. Example Main launcher->Samsung launcher Second->Nova Third ->Car dashdroid Car dashdroid becomes on the main launcher, but when you close the app Android does not know which one should open (Samsung or Nova) and ask to the user always. Possible workaround: disable the launcher you are not using.
Yes. To close Car dashdroid use the following intent action: Tasker ->Add Action-> System->send Intent-> in "action" put "com.nezdroid.mycardashboard.STOP" (without quotes)